Monday, September 29, 2008

Fair Use Links & Fred

Well, my blog is evolving, and I added some "Fair Useful" links on the left. Some of these might come in handy if you have to do a copyright-related research paper or if you want to become a total "fair use" expert!

I mentioned in my previous post about the keynote speaker I heard last year and couldn't remember his name right away. Well, before I looked up his name, I looked up Melissa D.'s website, and she had a link to Google's website that has rationale for why Google's scanning of books is considered fair use. Low and behold, a name jumped out at me...Fred von Lohmann. Fred von Lohmann is a lawyer and expert on intellectual property. You can read more about him if you wish under my links list. Anyways, he was the keynote speaker ("U.S. Copyright Law: A Broken System Needing Repair?")at the 7th Annual Symposium on Intellectual Property which is where I first saw the YouTube video posted in my first post below. I also have Melissa's blog link here because our topics are closely related and von Lohmann's statement is under Google Book Search News and Views link.

Well, I have ran out of time for blogging tonight. I hope to get back here soon!


vbonnie said...

I've enjoyed checking out your blog. You've listed a lot of pertinent information. I think understanding what copyright involves is so important to all of us but I admit to being a bit overwhelmed by the possiblities of infringing on a copyright unknowingly. It would be, "Who knew?" But, we should all know and at least be aware of our responsibilities to protect other's ideas.

lorena said...

Isn't it cool how so much of this information blends? I appreciate your information and links.

Steph Herfel said...


I thought it was time to get into more specifics about making a fair use assessment so I listed the four factors that one should analyze when considering using someone's work without asking. I understand how you feel about being overwhelmed as copyright law has so many different factors and can be very ambiguous! Maybe my newest blog entry will help you and others feel less overwhelmed about the possibility of infringing copyright? I can't wait to check out everyone's blogs!