Monday, September 29, 2008

Fair Use Links & Fred

Well, my blog is evolving, and I added some "Fair Useful" links on the left. Some of these might come in handy if you have to do a copyright-related research paper or if you want to become a total "fair use" expert!

I mentioned in my previous post about the keynote speaker I heard last year and couldn't remember his name right away. Well, before I looked up his name, I looked up Melissa D.'s website, and she had a link to Google's website that has rationale for why Google's scanning of books is considered fair use. Low and behold, a name jumped out at me...Fred von Lohmann. Fred von Lohmann is a lawyer and expert on intellectual property. You can read more about him if you wish under my links list. Anyways, he was the keynote speaker ("U.S. Copyright Law: A Broken System Needing Repair?")at the 7th Annual Symposium on Intellectual Property which is where I first saw the YouTube video posted in my first post below. I also have Melissa's blog link here because our topics are closely related and von Lohmann's statement is under Google Book Search News and Views link.

Well, I have ran out of time for blogging tonight. I hope to get back here soon!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Fair Use: An Introduction

Hey, Bloggers!

I am new to all this as well, but my impressions of what a blog should be is an interactive place to share our ideas so I am hoping that when you all get a chance, that you will take the time to participate in a discussion on copyright and fair use here. I also look forward to checking out your blogs, too!

First, I want to share some of my own thoughts and experiences in relation to copyright. Though I think we all have been generally aware of copyright issues and have all seen this warning
at the beginning of every movie we have ever watched. I think when a discussion about copyright law starts, many peoples' reactions tend to be "Ugh, this is really confusing and scary!" Although I think as future librarians and for some of you, current educators, it is important to be aware of copyright issues and to follow a few simple rules. I will get around to posting the details of fair use as discussed in chapter 3 of our text (p. 39-48), Copyright for Schools: A Practical Guide, 4th ed. by Carol Simpson, but first, I would like to ask you a few general copyright questions:

1. Have you heard of "fair use" before this class?

2. If so, when/where did you first here of this phrase? Please briefly share your prior knowledge on this subject.

3. You may have already answered this question in #2, but if not, did you ever have a class in undergrad studies or an educational presentation on copyright or "fair use" issues?

I am especially interested in what education, if any, you received in a teacher education program or otherwise, on copyright. I have to admit that I only recently heard of much of the terminology such as fair use, public domain, DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act), and the TEACH (Technology, Education, and Copyright Harmonization) Act, and surprisingly, I don't recall any formal class or even part of a class that addressed the topic in my undergrad courses as an English Education major. I definitely think that students in teacher education programs should be required to take a course that could be entitled, "Teachers & the Law" or how about "Legal Issues for Educators"? This course could cover all sort of legal issues including copyright law, teachers' unions, and teachers' and students' rights. I guess my most recent education on copyright issues was when I attended a webinar with a keynote speaker who talked about copyright. I will provide information about that in my next post. I would like to close my first blog posting ever by sharing with you a YouTube link entitled, "A Fair(y) Use Tale" by Eric Faden that I first viewed as part of the aforementioned keynote speaker presentation. Here's the link:

Enjoy, and I looked forward to hearing about your thoughts and experiences about fair use and copyright! ~Steph